It’s a great day to win…..

Last night I was checking my email before bed and catching up on some of the amazing blogs that I follow.  This time, I was reading a great blog from Healthy Running Mom.  I get to the end of the blog where she announced the winner for one of her giveaways and noticed that the winner was ME!!!!

I won a halter top from a great company called Girls4Sport.  This company specialized in athletic apparel for women and girls!  Let’s just say that I’m SUPER excited about winning this!  I will post pics when I receive it and also a review.

In addition to that great win, I also won another giveaway a few weeks ago on another great blog at Travels With Mary.  This time I was the winner of a great no-slip headband from Sweaty Bands.  You should really check their site out!  They have some of the cutest headbands that will hold up to your workout or run without slipping or sliding off….that is a MAJOR PLUS!!!  I don’t know about the rest of you but this is one thing that I constantly deal with on my runs.  It’s actually the one reason I don’t normally wear headbands during my workouts or runs.  I will post pics of my headband once it’s received and also a review.

Do go check out these two blogs though!  They really are great blogs!  Tons of great healthy information and recipes for sure 🙂

So that’s that!  I’m feeling like a total winner today!  What have you all won lately?




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