Holy Heat & The Color Run *Giveaway*!!

Holy heat!!!!

This is how humid it felt this morning!

This is how humid it felt this morning!

It has been super hot and humid here in the Midwest which is the usual for this time of year!  It’s making it very difficult to get out and run….so much that I’ve moved my runs to the morning before work to avoid some of the blazing heat from the sun.  This has been a bit difficult for me because I usually can’t seem to get up out of bed before 6:45.  I’ve started setting my alarm for 4:45 and then finally roll out of bed at 5:15….let’s just say that getting up early is a work in progress 😉  This morning, I got up and got my 3 miles in and was super glad that I won’t have to try to accomplish that later today when its 125 degrees out (okay…I’m exhaggerating…it’s been in the low 100’s…high 90’s but it’s felt like 125 degrees).  It’s that dang humidity!

So now on to The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the planet.  This race is really a crazy and unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality, and giving back to the community.  The best part is that there are only two rules!!! 1)  Wear white at the starting line and 2) finish plastered in color! 


The great thing about this race is that it really isn’t about how fast you can run or if you can beat that PR from last month.  It is more about having a blast with your friends and all the other colorific peeps out there!  The race is un-timed which means you can just take your sweet time getting doused from head to toe in different colors.  At the end, once you are anything but white, you can continue your fun at the finish line during the “Color Festival”.  Here you will find yourself being covered in more colored powder and dancing and just having an all-around blast!


Check out these pics of me and my pals from our very first time participating in The Color Run!  We had an absolute blast!!  Check out those smiles!!!

color run2color run1

Want to check it out and see if it’s coming to your city?  Go here to find your closest run and go sign up!!!  You can even get $5.00 off with the code COLOR5OFF .  And if you sign up with a Team of 4 or more, the price is lowered another $5.00!!!


**Please note:  Promo code is valid in ANY city that is not sold out. However, almost all of their races sell out, so you need to sign up now.

Still not sure what this race is about?  Want to see?  Check out this video for a glimpse into the best time of your life 🙂

I was approached by The Color Run to do a review and shout out for them in exchange for a complimentary entry for their race.  I’m already signed up for the Fall race (this will be my second Color Run and I’m super excited to participate again) so that means that one of my lucky readers will get a chance to win this free entry for the St. Louis, MO race on September 15, 2013.  for themselves!!  Woot Woot!!!  Who doesn’t like a free race entry?!

So here is how you can win!!!

1)  Comment here telling me why you would like to win this free entry.

2)  Tweet the following ( I want to get colorific at @TheColorRun!!!  Giveaway on @LiveLearnLoveRun blog: http://wp.me/p3mIIz-8h @livelearnloveru #stl ) and then comment here letting me know you did (this will gain you another entry into the pot)

All names will be put into a pot (or whatever I have handy) and I will let my kiddos pick the name out (they just love being little helpers!).

Contest ends July 27 at midnight CST

**PLEASE NOTE!!!!!  The free entry is for the St. Louis, MO date only but please use the discount code for any race that is not sold out 🙂

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary ticket from the kind folks at The Color Run.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


21 thoughts on “Holy Heat & The Color Run *Giveaway*!!

  1. Chloe @ How She Runs

    I KNOW what you mean about the heat! I thought I would be brave and go on a walk yesterday, and I was .2 seconds away from calling someone to come pick me up along the sidewalk.
    I did the Color Run in the spring, the one were it was RAINING. It was still a lot of fun! It is my yearly tradition with my sister and friends now:)


    1. livelearnloverun Post author

      I missed signing up for that one…went to sign up and it was sold out! Although when it rained…I was a little glad that I missed it 😉 I’m super excited for this one though!


  2. Carli

    Because I’ve never done a Color Run and it’s not in my budget. But if I won an entry, I’d make the 1/2 hour drive for sure! Fingers crossed!


  3. Elizabeth

    This heat in STL has been awful in these last 2 weeks! I hate to complain because it seemed like winter would never go away, but my goodness. We took our 2 year old to the Museum of Transportation yesterday, and I don’t know who was crankier after an hour – my husband, me, or our son.

    I have never done the color run, so it would be pretty cool! I love that its untimed and just about having fun…. works out too because if I won the entry, I might be extra tired that morning. We’re seeing Michael Buble the night before at Scottrade. But, the last marathon I did was preceded by a super late night, lol.


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  5. Tami Primeau

    I had a blast at the Graffiti Run Team MBI. I would love to be able to do another one but I can’t afford to do it. So please pick my broke ass!!


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