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Birthday Recap :)

I started out my birthday hanging out with my sweet hubby and some friends at our hometown “Cheers” a.k.a. Duchesne Bar & Grill a.k.a. The DBG a.k.a. my previous employer ;). Yes….I’m a veteran bartender/server!  This place truly is filled with some cool people who I dearly miss working with every weekend.


That’s me….with my gorgeous necklace that my amazing friend Chris got me for my birthday….she has great taste!  We didn’t stay long..a few hours….I had some girly drinks and some yummy food….bar food at it’s best!  Fried and totally not good for me but yummy nonetheless 🙂 (no incriminating pictures here folks….its like those fried mushrooms never happened)

From there, me and the hubby went home….snuggled down in bed and watched Pitch Perfect.  Hilarious movie!  Loved it!  Actually ended up watching it no less than 5 times over the weekend.

Saturday morning we slept in…and then Sean (the hubby), Kaleb (the son) and I went to our favorite breakfast place.  You just gotta love Gingham’s.  I love that they remember us when we go in there to eat….makes ya feel a little important ;). Here is a pic of me and Kaleb cheesin’ for the camera.  He is such a cutie!


I started with coffee and then got the Breakfast Wrap which for me ended up being a tortilla with two scrambled eggs, bacon, spinach, swiss cheese and salsa.  I also had a fruit cup and some cinnamon toast….man…I’m full just typing all that out!


After breakfast but before lunch, I was able to sneak in a run (3.15 miles)…I went to the gym this time because of this stinky rain….blah…so sick of it and ready for sunshine and warmth.

image                                               image

From there, we just kind of hung around the house until lunch time when it was Round 2 of great food!  We of course had to have Mexican for my birthday but I didn’t want to brave the crowds on Sunday.  We ended up at one of my most favorite Mexican restaurant.  Dos Primos is amazing and as usual I had the best meal!  I decided on the Shrimp Taco Salad with avocado and green sauce added.  Plus I had a bunch of chips and salsa…that’s a given :). No pictures….sorry….forgot my phone in the car ** gasp**

Sunday found me sleeping in again (8:30….wow!).  I spent the remainder of my day hanging out with the family and doing a little shopping at the mall.  I got some really cute stuff 😉 I also went to Starbucks and got my free birthday drink #jackpot!  I always get the same thing which is the Caramel Macchiato and I also got the Salted Caramel cake pop…it was all De-lish!


I finished the evening with this Strawberry cupcake that my daughter helped make….she is just too sweet!  She was very proud to say the least!


So there was my birthday weekend in a nutshell….too much food for sure….still stuffed today and ready to get back to my normal eating habits.

Does anyone else over-indulge in food?

How do you celebrate your birthday?


Birthday Weekend Starts Now…..

It’s my birthday weekend….yep….that’s right…Cinco de Mayo baby right here!  And despite this rain….ugh….I am bound and determined to have a wonderful weekend!  A little fun night out….something fun with the kiddos….a little running….maybe a pedicure…I’m not sure what I will be doing exactly but I will be happy doing it! 

My hubby kept asking me all week what I wanted to do and I just couldn’t think of anything…..I mean…seriously….I couldn’t think of anything…does that mean I’m getting old or just boring 😉 I’m going to blame it on this dreary weather and call it a day 🙂

I do know one thing though….I’m just going to have to have some Mexican!  DE-LISH!  My favorite thing to get lately is a shrimp taco salad with avocado slices…no sour cream…and of course tons of chips and salsa. 

What’s your favorite Mexican food?

Do you always get the same thing or do you mix it up?