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It’s time to SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!!!

It’s our year to SHINE!!!  Want to come SHINE with me??


Come join me for The Color Run again this year!!  If you know me…then you know that I’m a HUGE fan of The Color Run and have run in many over the years!  This race NEVER lets me down and always provides me with an AMAZING TIME!!!

I’m never disappointed on race day when The Color Run is involved 🙂


Let’s start with what we already know about The Color Run

  • It’s known as the Happiest 5K on the planet (and I agree…Hello!!)
  • It’s a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality (Yes…you can wear that unicorn outfit if you want!)
  • It is now considered the single largest event series in the world since their debut – they hosted more than 300 events in 50+ countries in 2014. (The Color Run thanks each and every one of you that made that possible!)


This year though…we are going to SHINE!!!  The Color Run is introducing a few new FUN things this year to help us do just that!

 This year EVERYONE in 2015 will be receiving their very own LIMITED EDITION Shine Tour Participant Kit!  This AMAZING kit includes:

  • Custom Race Tee
  • Gold Finisher’s Medal (for all us BLING lover’s)
  • Tricolor headband w/silver stiching
  • NEW Shine packet (in all it’s glittery-ness)
  • Shiny Tatoos (don’t worry mom…they come off!!)


And that’s not all!  The Color Run is also blinging out the 5K course and finish festival also!  There will be an exciting Sparkle Zone along the route and don’t forget the awesome photo ops (say Cheese!).  And to finish it off, get ready for massive clouds of color and shimmer as well as confetti cannons!


So come on…you know want to!  Get on over there and sign up!!  You don’t want to miss out this year!!   I will be running at the St. Louis event on April 18 but there are SOO many other cities to choose from!  Check the list out here!

Wanna save some moolah??!!  Use the code below to save $5.00 on your entry fee!!



2 PR’s (Personal Records) in 2 Weeks!!

I started the month of March with two Half-marathons on the books…one week after another…for some, this may be no big feat but for me (a.k.a. the girl who hid inside from the cold nasty Missouri weather all winter but also refused to run on the treadmill) this  was HUGE!!  Up until the beginning of March, I had only ran a handful of 5K’s on the old dreadmill in the basement.  All that training I had planned for my two March races went to the wayside.  I stressed about it for a bit (okay…a few weeks but that’s normal for me) and then finally decided to just take it as it came.  I decided that I had no goal in mind for either race except to just finish.  I have only ran one other Half-marathon (you can read about it here and here) and I got hurt so I wasn’t looking to push myself too much.  I really did not want to injure myself right before all the great weather arrives.

I ran my second ever Half-Marathon on March 15th and I rocked it!  I ran in the Irish Upon a Star Virtual Half-Marathon hosted by the IR4 community.  They are an amazing group by the way!  If you want to learn more about our great little family, check out this post about my IR4 buddy Riley!  She is an amazing little sweetheart!  See for yourself 🙂

1453077_10201674558284433_77663190_o (2)

For this run, I decided to join my running pal Stephanie for part of her scheduled 18-miler that she was running that same day.  Win-Win for both of us!! It was nice to have someone to keep each other company…although we both had to finish our runs separately since I wasn’t going as far.  It was a great route that was mostly flat.  Our run went pretty easy and before I knew it, I was setting a PR! I smashed this run with a 2:32:01 and I was ecstatic!!!!  Check out Riley & I’s medals!!



I also happened upon ONE of the 250 cakes that are part of the STL250 celebration!  If you aren’t sure what that is exactly….?  Well here is the dirt on it!  2014 is a big year for St. Louis!  It’s the 250th birthday!!  Read about these amazing birthday cakes here!

PhotoGrid_1396233848233 (1)

Fast forward another week and I found myself getting ready for my long-awaited and much-anticipated Relay & Run for 21 Half-marathon!  I have been looking forward to this race since I signed up!   I could not wait to run in honor of my IR4 buddy Riley!  My only goal on this race was to make her proud 🙂




This race was a little different from any that I’ve run because it as a point to point race that took us from Downtown Clayton to Westport Plaza!  Wanna see what that actually looks like on a map?!  It looks like a huge distance to go…LOL.


It took us through some amazing neighborhoods and we able to enjoy the views and scenery as well as the rolling hills which we loved to hate 🙂  Although we have had a few nice days here and there lately, the day of the race was windy and cold to say the least.  Thankfully, we were able to hang out in a little coffee shop at the starting line to keep warm.  We were also able to snap this “before” picture of us getting ready to rock this race.



I ran the Relay & Run for 21 with two amazing women (both named Stephanie…plus read one Stephanie’s account of our race on her blog here) who told me before we left for the race that this day was all about me getting a PR.  I knew that the course was hilly…very hilly!!  I was not thinking that a PR was anywhere in my future that day!  However, they pushed me to the very end and I thank them tremendously because….I crushed that race with a 2:25:24 (elapsed time).  I can tell you how that felt…I truly felt at times that I wanted to give up…that I couldn’t do it…the hills were killer…I thought of Riley many times during this challenging race and I know that her bright smile got me up many of those hills that I encountered.


After running these last two races (#2 & #3 Half-Marathon), I’ve come to the conclusion that, like most, I’m addicted to the Half-Marathon!!  I can’t wait for the next one which will hopefully be during my birthday weekend!!!!  Of course, that means I need to start training for that….NOW!!!  Yikes!  It will be here before ya know it!

My Wakeup (A-HA) Moment…Who am I?!

Hello all!! 

I know I’ve been MIA lately but life has just been getting the best of me.  I thought today I would post my SweatPink A-HA moment.  This was originally posted on the FitApproach website for the Sweat Pink Ambassador Spotlight.  It was a scary thing to do to put my story out there but I’m glad that I did now 🙂

Here is my story below…enjoy!

Fitness, for me, started out in a very unhealthy way.  When I was 18, I allowed a boyfriend to make me feel unattractive and unimportant.  I allowed this to happen for 5 years.  Why?  I wish I could say!  I was young, impressionable…who knows why?

In those 5 years, I started working out off and on in a frantic and unhealthy way, in hopes that I would be skinny enough for him (I was a size 5 at that point which is a healthy size for me…I’m 5’ 6”).  I starved myself some days and purged others until I was a size 1 (which turns out, still wasn’t skinny enough).  Family members started voicing concern over how I was looking (at 5’6”, a size 1 did not look the greatest).

It took five years for me to figure out that it wasn’t me that had something wrong…it was him!  I was fine just the way I was!  A part of me always knew this, but when someone constantly tells you that you need to be skinnier, it starts to skew your thinking.  Eventually with the help of a great friend, I got up enough nerve to just leave.  And that is what I did…I waited till he left for work, packed up everything and left!  It was scary but I haven’t looked back.

I also deal with ADD/OCD/Anxiety so I seem to always be flipping from one thing to another.  Needless to say, my habits didn’t get much better after that, at least not until after I had my second child.  After my son, I was in a serious funk.  My anxiety was off the charts and I couldn’t stop it.

One day, while on Facebook, I saw a post from a girl I had went to high school with and she was talking about running.  I wasn’t really friends with this girl in school and was of course a little scared (social anxiety at its best) to contact her.  I did it anyway!  I sent her a message about maybe running with her one day and I haven’t looked back since.  I was at a point in my life where I just needed something.  Anything to keep the constant thoughts and worries running through my head from running rampant and taking over.  I was also wanting something to help me get back in shape….to lose that “baby weight”.  She replied back that she would be happy to take me on a run with her.  I went….we ran…we chatted…and I fell in love with running and the camaraderie that comes with it!  I had found it!  My thing!  My escape!  My sanity!

Since then, I’ve had a few setbacks (some surgeries…okay…3 surgeries to be exact).  They all “benched” me for a few months each.  I haven’t let that get me down too much though, and I’ve also gained a new perspective on fitness, food, health, etc.  I’ve learned what works for me and what doesn’t.  I’ve learned about a whole world of foods out there that are healthy and taste amazing.  I’ve learned that I have a choice in how I feel and look and what I put into my body.  I’ve learned more about fitness and the benefits of cross-training.  And I’ve met some amazing people on my health/fitness/blogger journey.

In the end, running is still my first love.  I wish I had learned to love it sooner.  But for now, I will just enjoy my time with it now and in the future for as long as I can.  I won’t say that I’ve completely stopped being that girl who looks down on herself.  I am my own worst enemy and it’s something that I fight with everyday but deep down in my heart, I know that what my mind is saying is wrong.  I am a healthy, strong, beautiful woman!  I’m a mom who is trying to instill all the right healthy habits in my kids!  I’m not afraid to work and train hard!  I am not afraid to sweat…I do NOT consider it gross or unattractive!  It’s a badge of honor showing the hard work I put in!

It’s ME!!  And I SWEAT PINK!