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It’s time to SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!!!

It’s our year to SHINE!!!  Want to come SHINE with me??


Come join me for The Color Run again this year!!  If you know me…then you know that I’m a HUGE fan of The Color Run and have run in many over the years!  This race NEVER lets me down and always provides me with an AMAZING TIME!!!

I’m never disappointed on race day when The Color Run is involved 🙂


Let’s start with what we already know about The Color Run

  • It’s known as the Happiest 5K on the planet (and I agree…Hello!!)
  • It’s a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality (Yes…you can wear that unicorn outfit if you want!)
  • It is now considered the single largest event series in the world since their debut – they hosted more than 300 events in 50+ countries in 2014. (The Color Run thanks each and every one of you that made that possible!)


This year though…we are going to SHINE!!!  The Color Run is introducing a few new FUN things this year to help us do just that!

 This year EVERYONE in 2015 will be receiving their very own LIMITED EDITION Shine Tour Participant Kit!  This AMAZING kit includes:

  • Custom Race Tee
  • Gold Finisher’s Medal (for all us BLING lover’s)
  • Tricolor headband w/silver stiching
  • NEW Shine packet (in all it’s glittery-ness)
  • Shiny Tatoos (don’t worry mom…they come off!!)


And that’s not all!  The Color Run is also blinging out the 5K course and finish festival also!  There will be an exciting Sparkle Zone along the route and don’t forget the awesome photo ops (say Cheese!).  And to finish it off, get ready for massive clouds of color and shimmer as well as confetti cannons!


So come on…you know want to!  Get on over there and sign up!!  You don’t want to miss out this year!!   I will be running at the St. Louis event on April 18 but there are SOO many other cities to choose from!  Check the list out here!

Wanna save some moolah??!!  Use the code below to save $5.00 on your entry fee!!



Tis’ the season…..to RUN!!!

It’s that time of the year again when more races are starting to pop up everywhere!  There are so many choices….5K’s, 10K’s, Relay’s, Half & Full Marathons.  But my favorite ones are the fun runs!  You know what I’m talking about…the runs where you get to dress crazy…the one where you have stuff thrown at you while you run….the obstable course races…there are so many to choose from. 🙂

This year, there a ton of races that I want to participate in.  The Color Run, The Glo Run, The Electric Run, the Rock-n-Roll Marathon Series….the list goes on!!!

The race that I’m super excited about is The Graffiti Run.  It’s along the same lines as The Color Run, but just with a different name!  Same COLORIFIC fun!!!  Some of my co-workers and I started a team and are chomping at the bit for the day to get here.  I did a Color Run last year so I know just how much fun we are going to have.  Check out some of my team and I from The Color Run this past fall. (that is me on the far left in both pictures)

color run2    color run1

The rest of the girls that are signed up for The Graffiti Run with me have never experienced a race along these lines so I’m even excited about how much fun THEY are going to have also!  Be prepared to view tons of amazing fun pictures once race day gets here 🙂

Fun runs like these are always a great way to let loose with friends and just have fun.  No reason to rush….no time to beat….just fun and camaraderie with friends/family.  So here is my question to you.

Do you prefer fun runs over your normal everyday races?  Why?

What are some of your favorite runs?  What do you love about them?