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Lots of Pics & #99 Workout

Okay….as promised….here are the pics of all my goodies I received in the last few days!  First off if my amazing headband from Sweaty Bands that I won over at the Travels with Mary blog.  I used it last night during my workout and it stayed on great!  Love the pattern also!

IMG_20130425_104707       IMG_20130425_104627

I also received the Girls4Sport halter top that I won over at Healthy Running Mama‘s blog.  It is so comfy.  I just tried it on…I didn’t actually wear it yet.  It was a little chilly yesterday.  A better review to follow.  Also…ignore that not so great picture (it’s really hard to take a picture of yourself sometimes 😉 )


I also received my mystery Conscious Box!  With the coupon I found, I ended up getting my Conscious Box for $9.99….you can’t beat that!  There are some great samples in there that I can’t wait to try out.  I will be doing an actual review for Conscious Box soon so watch for it!


I also received my box from my awesome box of goodies from my Foodie Pen Pal Lindsay!  It was filled with goodies that just look so yummy!!  More to come on what I exactly got soon.  I will say that I did try the Carmalized Walnuts and all I can say is WOW!!!!  And also to say that she must have been reading my mind because yesterday I posted about loving KIND bars and then when I opened my package last night after work, I had three new KIND bars to try!!!  JACKPOT!!


So those are all my goodies!!!  I love all of them and can’t wait to let you know all about them!

Last night, I was going to run but after getting home, I decided that I really didn’t feel up to running.  I haven’t been able to eat very much the last couple of days because of my medicine but I did do a quick workout that I found on a friend’s blog.  It’s called the #99 Workout!  You should definitely head on over and check out this post and while you are at it, check out It’s Linz‘s blog!  She really has an amazing blog!  So fun and always filled with great information regarding healthy living!

Okay…I’m not going to lie…..I only did one rep of each exercise so maybe I should call it the #33 Workout 🙂  But like I said….I’m just not feeling 100% right now!  Will try it again tonight and try to get in 2 sets of each exercise.  Will let you know how that goes!

What kind of fun things have you won?

Have you tried the #99 Workout?  How did you fair?


Yummy goodness and Great Mail Day!

I haven’t posted in a bit but I had a hectic weekend and I’m just been feeling out of sorts due to some new medicine I’m on.  I will try to catch up on what I’ve missed.

This weekend I squeezed in some running and was able to log about 3.5 miles total which is less than I wanted to do but some is better than none 🙂  I did get to sneak out with my hubby for some “us” time (he is working out of town right now and so I only get to see him on the weekends 😦 ).  We went to Panera Bread Co. and for once I got something totally different.  I’m really bad about getting the same thing every time I go.  This time I got the Pick2 with the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad and the NEW Roasted Turkey, White Cheddar & Apple Panini!!  They were both delicious! And yes…I did take a bite of my salad before the picture….I just couldn’t wait!)


All in all, my weekend was a little crazy but good overall.  Of course Monday, I started a medicine back up for my anxiety and lets just say that I’ve been out of sorts since then.  It usually takes about a week or two for my body to get used to it but in the mean time, I just feel like BLAH!!!!  Needless to say, no running the last two days and no working out. 😦  NOT COOL!  I’m feeling slightly better today and it’s not supposed to rain tonight so I’m going to try to run this evening after work….we will see.

On a better note, I hit the jackpot with awesome mail the last few days!!  I got all kinds of goodies…..I got my winning Sweaty Bands headband that I won on Travels with Mary‘s blog, I got my winning halter top from Girls4Sport that I won on Heathy Running Mama‘s blog, my mystery Conscious Box that was stuffed with awesome samples, and my Foodie Pen Pal box!!  IMG_20130424_124021

I will post more pictures of my actual goodies later….just wait to you see all this awesome stuff!

And speaking of AWESOME…..I had the most AWESOME snack the other day and I’m totally in love with it.  I tried the Kind Almond & Coconut bar and all I can say is WOW!!!  It was amazingly delicious!  These are great because every bar is made from all-natural ingredients that provide you with a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.  And it still tastes great!!  No fillers….no fake stuff….no GMO’s…just yummy goodness!  Check it out!

IMG_20130421_032044       IMG_20130421_031950

Look at all that wholesome goodness!!  They are great for snacking on and the KIND site states that eating two KIND bars a day helps to suppress your appetite and reduce overeating…which I totally agree on because this bar filled me up and tided me over until dinner.

What’s your go-to thing to get at Panera Bread?

What’s your favorite nutritional bar?

It’s a great day to win…..

Last night I was checking my email before bed and catching up on some of the amazing blogs that I follow.  This time, I was reading a great blog from Healthy Running Mom.  I get to the end of the blog where she announced the winner for one of her giveaways and noticed that the winner was ME!!!!

I won a halter top from a great company called Girls4Sport.  This company specialized in athletic apparel for women and girls!  Let’s just say that I’m SUPER excited about winning this!  I will post pics when I receive it and also a review.

In addition to that great win, I also won another giveaway a few weeks ago on another great blog at Travels With Mary.  This time I was the winner of a great no-slip headband from Sweaty Bands.  You should really check their site out!  They have some of the cutest headbands that will hold up to your workout or run without slipping or sliding off….that is a MAJOR PLUS!!!  I don’t know about the rest of you but this is one thing that I constantly deal with on my runs.  It’s actually the one reason I don’t normally wear headbands during my workouts or runs.  I will post pics of my headband once it’s received and also a review.

Do go check out these two blogs though!  They really are great blogs!  Tons of great healthy information and recipes for sure 🙂

So that’s that!  I’m feeling like a total winner today!  What have you all won lately?