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Would You Rather…. Running Style Edition

We are going to keep it light and fun today with an awesome survey!  I see these floating around the blogosphere every once in a while and love to read them!  One of my favorites is by Laura at Fit Running Mama.  She always has a great blog and if you want to check her out…I say definitely DO!  Go here to read about her running style!  Trust me…you will love it…plus she posts some awesome recipes!!!

Before you go though…check my survey out!  I promise…it’s not the MOST boring thing you will read…and if it is…well then I’m truly sorry 😉  Here goes nothing…

  1. Would you rather run in a thunderstorm or a snowstorm?

Thunderstorm all the way….I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..i despise the cold!!


2.  Would you rather breathe through your nose or breathe through your mouth?

Well since I’m allergic to everything that grows in this lovely State of Missouri…and I mean literally everything…I’ve been tested! 🙂  Wait…where was I…oh yeah…I haven’t been able to breathe thru my nose since those first few seconds after I escaped my mother’s womb so really the answer to this question is BOTH!!

3.  Would you rather do 100 squats or 100 crunches? [Now take a break and go do them 😉 ]

Am I a sadist if I say both?  There is just something about the burn you get from a good exercise and you will for sure be feeling the burn after a 100 reps of either of these bad boys!!

4.  Would you rather have a baked good for dessert or an extra serving of your favorite entrée?

Baked goods…hands done…final answer…ALL IN!!!  I’m one of those awesome people who needs a little something sweet to round it all out!

5.  Would you rather run on a treadmill for an hour or run around the same street block for an hour?

A few months ago I would have said the same street block because I’ve done that…I’m used to that…and it’s not so bad if you have a great playlist and a wondering mind (which I have both of)!  However, in the last few months, I have had to get on BFF level with the old “dreadmill” and have actually completed a 13.1 training run on it…let’s just say I got a few weird looks at the gym after I had been running for over an hour and a half 🙂  It’s really not nearly as bad as I used to think…especially if you have a great playlist and a wondering mind (see a theme here?)!

Satan's Sidewalk, treadmill, funny

6.  Would you rather have a headache during a run or a side stitch?

Jeez…neither choice is good but if I have to choose….I’d say a side stitch.  At least with that, you have a chance that it will go away.  A headache (at least for me) always feels worse with each pounding footstep…shoot…it’s making my head hurt just thinking about it!  Let’s just say that a headache makes for a LONG run and not in a good way…

7. Would you rather have a rest day on a work day or a day off?

For sure a work day.  I’m so mentally exhausted after work, that it’s always hard to go do that run when I get home.  I have to immediately change and head out or it just does not happen.  I’m NOT an early riser AT ALL (I blame this on years of bartending and working until 2AM) so evenings are where the magic has to happen.

8.  Would you rather be a race director or a race volunteer?

As a MO’Bassador, I’ve seen bits and pieces of the crazy world that our race directors for the MO’Cowbell Run live in!  With that said, my final answer is VOLUNTEER!!  I give mad props to Kerin & Kelly!  Those two women do a HELL of a GREAT JOB!


9.  Would you rather spend your money on running gadgets (HRM, GPS watch, headphones, etc.) or running shoes?

Shoes, Shoes, and…wait…I really do love those gadgets also!!  What’s a girl to do with a choice like this?  A new pair of shoes are pretty awesome but because of my weird feet (flat-footed with a large toe box), I’m limited on what shoes I can get.  So you know all those awesome bright-colored shoes in neon yellow and hot pink and cheetah print…yeah…well I can not wear those..which totally isn’t fair.  I usually have one or two colors to pick from since I use the same brand and style of shoe each year.  Not that I don’t love my Brooks Adrenaline GTS15’s but I have to get them in Wides…and that my friend is what limits me.  So with all that said, I’m going to say gadgets because I love me some awesome new headphones or that bright new fancy running watch (Thanks! Nike+)…and don’t even get me started on all those fun Bondi Bands and HippieRunner Bands!!

10.  Would you rather run in a relay or do the run portion of a distance triathlon?

I’d do either to be honest.  I’m not a distance snob and am open to trying new types/distances of races…except those obstacle races that involve barbed-wire and fire…those scare the bejeezes out of me!

So there you have it in a nutshell!  Now it’s your turn!  Answer any of all of the questions in the comments!!!


Celebrating 5 Years for MO’Cowbell

If you know me at all…then you know that I have MO’Cowbell Fever!!!  And there is only one cure….


I’m crazy about this race and I’m not afraid to say it!  In fact….I’m downright proud of it!!  I mean who wouldn’t be ecstatic about being an Ambassador again this year for a race that has a very Ab-tastic mascot!!

Hellooooooo Chuck!!

Chuck & I at the Ex'MO - 2014

Chuck & I at the Ex’MO – 2014

2015 is the year that YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!!

2015 is MO’Cowbell’s 5th Anniversary and I’m super pumped to be a part of it!

And you can be too!!  Once again, MO’Cowbell will be offering a race for all skill levels.  You can pick from Marathon, Half Marathon, Half Marathon Relay and 5K!

And if you want to walk and not run…well you go right on ahead and do just that!!  (They do ask that everyone maintain a 16-minute mile pace)


This year the MO’ Cowbell race will take place on Sunday, October 4, 2015. You will start and finish in the gorgeous Frontier Park where you can enjoy Runner’s Village.  With your registration you will receive a long-sleeve tech-shirt, a race-themed cowbell, top-quality finisher’s medal, 26.2/13.1/Relay/5K cowbell car sticker, runner’s bag, a virtual goody bag, access to water stations, baggage check, course entertainment, post-race food & beverage, medical stations, massage therapy, and of course, cheering neighborhood crowds and volunteers clanging cowbells.

1529689_626311514083432_2138987065_o  I promise to you that you will get an amazing race experience as your run thru the streets of Historic St. Charles, past Herman’s Farm Orchard; where you will experience the ever-famous High-Five Zone, thru the very unique New Town, up the memorable hill on Little Hills Expressway and back down thru Historic St. Charles.  Plus, you will also get to be a part of the original flattest, fastest course in the St. Louis Region and as the final kicker…it’s a USATF Certified Course.

(For a complete turn-by-turn of each race, go here)

I would be crazy if I thought that everyone felt the same way about running as I do…It’s not everyone’s THANG!  But guess what…you can still get involved with MO’Cowbell!  You can volunteer…be a sponsor…or just be the coolest spectator around and clang your cowbell and cheer the runners on!  Trust me…we runners LOVE the spectators that yell and cheer us on!  And here is a little secret…WE LOVE THE SIGNS!!!!  Like these cuties that were found in New Town!


 In addition to this kick-butt race…MO’Cowbell also hosts an incredible 2-day Fitness Ex’MO where you will pick up your race packets (packets can also be mailed for an extra fee).  The Ex’MO is also open to the public so anyone and everyone can come check out the exhibitors and vendor booths from various companies and organizations that promote fitness and healthy living.  Want to be one of those fancy vendors…well check out how right here!

So come on…come join me in what I think is the coolest race around!

You can register right here!!  But don’t delay…Prices go up on May 1st so sign up before then!!

Want to win a little something extra…well use my MO’Bassador code at registration for a chance to score some spectacular Official MO’Cowbell race swag!!

Code:  JENWCB16 (this is the new 2016 code)

Note:  Code can be used on all races:  Full Marathon, Half-marathon, Half Marathon Relay & 5K.

This…That…and The Other: The ABC’s of ME!!!

Do you know me?  Do you think you know me?  Do you WANT to know me??

If you answered yes to any of these questions…you are SO IN LUCK!  Heck…even if you said no…I’m going to do it anyway…I’m a rebel like that!!

Let’s play a little game I like to call “The ABC’s of ME!!”

A.  Attached or single?:  I’m as attached as one can be!  And I have been for some time now…I’ve been married to my VERY cute hubby Sean since August 1, 2009 (we have been together since 2006).  Check out what cuties we were on our special day…


B.  Best Friend?:  I have two friends that I would consider my “BEST” friends…these two girls have been with me for awhile…one since high school…and they are always there for me…even when we go months without getting a chance to talk.  I know that no matter what, we can pick right back up where we left off and no one gets their feelings hurt that it’s been so long.  We just UNDERSTAND! 🙂  I have a handful of other really great friends also…I’m very blessed to have these women in my life.

C.  Cake or Pie?:  I’ve just HAVE to go with pie on this one!!!  There is nothing better to me than a “fresh from the oven and still warm” Peach Pie…and if life wasn’t so mean to have made me allergic to dairy…I would smother said Peach Pie with a huge mound of the best vanilla bean ice cream that a girl could find 🙂

D:  Day of Choice?:  I’m going out on a limb here and saying that I truly do not have a favorite day…I will say though that Monday’s are my LEAST favorite…I always have a case of the Mondays EVERY Monday…blah…


E.  Essential Item?:  Hands down…a hair tie.  I have SUPER long hair and inevitably, it starts driving me crazy by hanging in my face…or if it is the winter…being completely taken over by static.  I always end up with my hair in a braid…a bun…or a pony tail by at least noon each day.  For running…I would say my RoadID ankle bracelet.  You can never be TOO safe!  Want one of your own?  Check them out by clicking on the picture below.  They are running all kinds of sales right now…you don’t want to miss out!

Use coupon code BGJ9R6V6 for $1.00 off 🙂

F.  Favorite Color?:  I have two and I’m not afraid to say it!  I LOVE purple and hot pink!  And black of course if we are talking about the color of clothes. Or neon orange/pink/yellow if we are talking about running accessories/clothes…okay…so maybe I have more than two…LOL

G.  Gummy bears or worms?:  I totally prefer the gummy bears…I know the taste the exact same as the worms but I just love those little bears.

H.  Hometown?:  I grew up in a small town called DeSoto, Missouri (I actually lived about 15 minutes outside of the city but you wouldn’t have heard of it if I told you).  I currently live in St. Peters, Missouri which is near St. Louis.

I.  Indulgences?:  I’m going to say a massage…I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get a massage every other day if I could!  Between running….working out…hunching over my computer at work…I constantly hurt…mostly my back and neck…and a standing massage appoint sounds heavenly.  Hopefully I win the lottery soon so I can do that. (Note to self…start actually playing the lottery)

J.  January or July?: July July July!  I can’t say it enough!  I love the heat of summer and despise the cold of winter.  I’m constantly cold, especially now that it’s heading towards winter.

K.  Kids?:  I have two of those little rugrats!  I was lucky enough to get one of each so I called it quits after that.  My daughter just turned twelve…homones much?? And my son is 8. They are my life and I love them to the ends of the earth.

photo 1 (1)

L.  Life isn’t complete without…?: a large cup of coffee in the morning and the ability to run!  I love both!!

heart-coffee   photo 2

M.  Marriage date?:  August 1, 2009

N.  Number of siblings?:  I have two sisters and one brother….I do not live close to any of them unfortunately and I miss them immensely.  My brother and one sister both live out-of-state and my other sister still lives in our hometown.

O.  Oranges or apples?:  Can I pick both?!  Of course I can!  I love me some Cuties and also Gala apples!  They are both my faves and I would choose…you can’t make me!!

P.  Phobias?:  I actually have quite of few but to name a few…coulrophobia (a fear of clowns)….acrophobia (fear of heights)….glassophobia (fear of public speaking)…claustrophobia (fear of tight spaces).

Q.  Quotes?:  Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. -Jon Acuff


R.  Reasons to smile?:  My ability to run for my awesome and super cute IR4 buddy Riley!  I love being a part of this awesome family of people….Not sure what IR4 is?  Come check it out…especially if you love running…and also if you are the parent of a special needs child/adult.  There is so much love in this group…you just have to come see what we are about!  Click here!  Also…meet my buddy Riley!  Together we are taking the world by storm raising awareness for Down Syndrome!!


S.  Season of choice?: Summer…then Spring/Fall follow a close second…with Winter not even being on the list…I would like to just forget about the whole winter situation….

T.  Tag 5 people:  Tag!  Your it!!  Pick one or two of these and let me know what you would pick below in the comments 🙂  I would love to get to know YOU!

U. Unknown fact about me?:  Some may not even realize this and quite possibly not even believe it but….I have SEVERE SOCIAL ANXIETY…and it sucks!  If you have it also…you know what I’m getting at…If you don’t have it….be thankful!!

V.  Vegetable(s)?: Yes please!  I love me some vegetable….asparagus..carrots…sweet potatoes…corn…I’m not too picky..there are only a handful that I just refuse to eat…Peas are one of those…peas..blah!


W.  Worst habit?:  Let’s just say that I have a few bad habits…but the worst by far…is the fact that I bite my nails…not just nibble either…like full on bite them until they hurt.  I do not remember a time when I DIDN’T bite my nails…I don’t even realize I’m doing it most of the time.  I do it mostly when I’m worried or stressed about something…if I’m upset…if I’m thinking…

X.  Xray or Ultrasound?:  Neither because that usually means there is something wrong with you and I’m not needing any of that…No more babies for me either so I better NOT have to have an ultrasound 🙂

Y.  Your favorite food?:  Seafood!  Especially lobster & salmon!  Those two are my absolute favorites!!!

Z.  Zodiac sign?:  Taurus baby!!  Cinco de Mayo baby right here!  Some of the traits that I resemble are reliable, warmhearted, loving, persistent, determined, and security loving. Of course those are the good ones…I guess if I’m truthful, I should throw out the not so good traits like being jealous, self-indulgent, and stubborn.

So there you have it…I would love to learn some new things about all of you…so pick one of two of these great questions and comment below!

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with 🙂


One of my fellow blogger friends loved my post so much that she decided to do her own!!  Come check out Kim’s post at Sublime Reflection….It’s awesome!!!

WIAW: What I Ate Wednesday!!

Okay…Okay…I’m jumping on the band wagon we in the blogging world call WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday)!  Everyone does it different…some post everything they have eaten in one day…some post the highlights of their food for the week…some just post an awesome recipe.  No way is wrong…they are all right!  I mean…come one…you can’t go wrong with food!!  Food is AWESOME!  You can also come join the WIAW Party over at Peas & Crayons…It’s always a blast!!

Well…since I’m a total food lover but a horrible picture taker…I’m going to just share an amazing recipe that a co-worker of mine shared.  I made it on Monday at 6:30pm and by Tuesday at 6:30 pm, the whole pot of this amazing concoction had mysteriously disappeared…oh who are we kidding…between my husband and I, we polished off the whole dang thing by ourselves!  It was de-lish!!!

One of my co-workers shared this recipe with me that she found on Pinterest.  This recipe is posted on TidyMom…check out her blog…she has TONS of yummy recipes just waiting to tantalize your taste buds!  But back to the amazing recipe at hand…check out this yumminess…I highly recommend you make a double batch of this baby because you WILL like love devour it!

Easy Smoked Sausage and White Bean Soup recipe at TidyMom.net

(picture borrowed from TidyMom’s blog…don’t worry…I tied the blog post to the picture 🙂  I told you I’m horrible at picture taking…and plus…the soup was gone before I could remember to photograph the momentous occasion!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another yummy that I’ve been crushing on are these delightful little nutritional/energy bars called Balance bare bars.  These bars are made with whole nuts, fruits and seeds with a handful of other nutritional ingredients…all of which I could read and understand what they were (that’s always a plus in my book).

There are three flavors to pick from…Mixed Berry Nut, Sea Salt Caramel Nut and Sweet & Spicy Nut.  Each bar is 160 calories and are non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, vegetarian and certified kosher dairy. The Mixed Berry Nut and Sweet & Spicy Nut bars are also dairy free and vegan friendly.


Since I can’t do the whole dairy thing, I was provided with the Mixed Berry Nut and the Sweet & Spicy Nut bars to sample and review.  They were both seriously tasty!  The Mixed Berry Nut reminded me of a Candied Apple for some reason…I love Candied Apples so I didn’t question it too much 🙂  The Sweet & Spicy Nut was my all time favorite!  The sweet flavor mixing with the chipotle chili seriously make my mouth ridiculously happy!

The bars are not extremely big but they were surprisingly filling.  I find they are quite amazing for fueling up before a run…a mid afternoon snack at my desk at work…I snack in bed as I hide under the covers from my kids (I’m not saying I’ve done that last one…I’m just saying…these bars would even be great for that).

Wanna check them out yourself?  Follow Balance Bar® for tips and nutritional information on Facebook® (www.facebook.com/BalanceBar), Twitter®(www.twitter.com/BalanceBar) and Pinterest (www.Pinterest.com/BalanceBar).

So there you have it!

What’s your favorite soup recipe?  Share the link in the comments…I’m always looking for the next great soup!!

Have you tried the new Balance bare bars?  How did you like them?  Which one is your favorite?

**Product was provided to me by Balance Bars for review purposes only. All thoughts and praises were my own.