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So you say you “CAN’T” do it….

…..and I say “Bullshit!”

See…that is the beauty…you actually CAN!  You just have to do it…you just have to take that first step.  And guess what…that first step isn’t what you think it is…BUT it is THE most important so listen closely…

The first step is to tell yourself that you can do whatever you want!  And then BELIEVE IT!


Whatever the goal is…you can do it!  But sitting there telling yourself that you can’t do it…or you shouldn’t do it…or you don’t have time for it…it won’t do anything but prove those crazy thoughts right!  Instead of focusing on what you think you can’t do…start focusing on what you CAN do!

And then GO DO IT!!

 Just start…it doesn’t have to be extreme…if your goal is to eat more healthy…start by changing one meal a day…if finishing a 5K race is your goal…start by walking to the end of the block…if happiness is your goal…start by choosing happiness.  Do this for 30 days….I promise…if you keep showing up for 30 full days…you will have made a huge change to yourself as a person.  30 days is all you need to change a habit.   Choose one….conquer it…and then choose another…and then conquer it…only YOU have the ability to change and be who you want to be…who you were meant to be before you listened to what you thought the world wanted you to be.


What’s the worst that could happen??

Happiness and contentment and satisfaction are just beyond your comfort zone!

Push past it!

Motivational May & Sweat Pink Ambassador!!!!!

I have been meaning to do a post of my May goals but just haven’t found the time and it’s already the 10th…ugh!  However,  I found a post yesterday that Jenna at Fitness & The City  had written that sparked me to get this post done! I’m going to join up with her and others for the “30 miles in 30 days” Challenge that is hosted by Nikki at The Pink Growl.  Come check it out and join with us!!

As of my run last night, I’m at 11.52 miles for the month so far!  So….18.48 left to go 🙂  Being that this month has already been super busy for me…that is great!!

Also….something AMAZING happened yesterday!!!


 I got an email from Alyse & Jamie at Fit Approach informing me that I had been chosen to join the Sweat Pink Ambassador community!!!!!   I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to have been picked to join!!  More to come on this opportunity soon 🙂

Hope everyone has a great day!!