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“Toast to Spring” with the Jaycees’ & Me

This post is sponsored by Ruth’s Chris and Midwest Influencer Network.

All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s that time again!!  You know…the one where we get to crawl out from under all the many layers we have thrown on in an attempt to NOT freeze or tooshies from freezing off!  It’s really my favorite time of the year really!  You see…winter and I…we don’t get along…we are NOT friends. But right now is it!  It’s warming up and the sun is shining down on me most days warming me up and making me smile!  The birds are chirping and kids are playing outside (BONUS!)…the skirts and strappy heels & sandles are coming back out and the patios are opening up!

It’s a wonderful thing…Spring!



And what better way to celebrate?!  Come join me at the “Toast to Spring” St. Louis Jaycees’ Wine Tasting!  If you only listen to me this once…hear this…you DO NOT want to miss this amazing event!  Trust me…you don’t!  On Friday, April 24th from 6-9 pm, Ruth’s Chris Steak House and the Hyatt Hotel Downtown are co-hosting this event to celebrate the St. Louis Jaycees’ 100th Anniversary.  You will get to sample more than 30 wines (proudly provided by Glazers) and an awesome spread of Ruth’s Chris signature specialties.  I mean who doesn’t want to chow down on crab cakes, chicken skewers, shrimp voodoo, Kobe beef slides and much more!

Something for everyone!!





If you want a little something extra to go with your tasty wine and tantalizing goodies, you can partake in the silent auction table.  You never know what you might win…take a chance and bid…bid…bid!  No let’s get to the best part of this….tickets are ONLY $50/person of which a portion will be donated to the Jaycees’.  For more information, call 314.259.3200.  Grab your gal/guy for an amazing date night or grab your pals for girls’/boys’ night out!  It’s going to be a spectacular evening and who would want to miss out on that!

Not muah…so come join me!!

This post is sponsored by Ruth’s Chris and Midwest Influencer Network.

All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Goodbye winter…see ya!

Let’s just say that I am more than overjoyed that Spring has kicked winter to the curb….just sayin’! I can deal with the rain as long as I get those warmer temps. I am one of those people that is cold ALL the time so I love me some warm days 🙂

It just makes everything so much easier….running is easier….getting the kiddos out of the house is easier….heck….even getting dressed is easier!

So in honor of this amazing day we got today, my family and I spent as much time as possible outside….well except for that small nap we made the kiddos take….believe me…it was for the own good! They woke up at the crack of dawn….


First off though, we had an amazing lunch at Qdoba! Love that place! I didn’t take pics but I had an amazing Grilled Chicken Taco Salad with three different salsas…and I snagged some of my hubbys chips and queso. It was yummy as usual!

From there came the quick nap followed by a trip to the neighborhood park for running (me)…bike riding (the kiddos & hubby). I ended up only doing a mile because I really wanted to go enjoy watching the kiddos ride their bikes. It was a great short run though so that’s what counts! I also snuck some post run reading in with my new Runners World magazine I picked up today. I don’It know about you but I love getting a new magazine….any magazine :). I also brought last months edition of Women’s Running. They are my two favorite running magazines right now.


What are your favorite fitness magazines? Do you buy a bunch or just a select few?