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Great way to end my day…New Running Shoes

Okay…so I mentioned the other day that I’ve not been running since this past Saturday due to some knee pain..ugh!!  I know I over did myself that day, plus put that with the wrong running shoes and I was just setting myself up for disaster!  I’ve been resting, wrapping it, putting ice on it and it is starting to feel good again….but…unless I got fitted for shoes, it will probably happen again.

Soooo….I did it!!!  I made my first trip to Fleet Feet for brand new shoes that were fitted to my crazy flat feet! 🙂


I had an amazing experience there!!  Adrian, my Fit Professional, was more than happy to help me find the perfect shoe!  He also helped me to understand my feet more and why they are causing me the problems that they are causing.  After measuring, trying on a few different pair with inserts, and some running around outside, I finally found my new running partner!  The Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 13.  I’m in love so far!!


They are amazing!!!  And it can’t hurt that they are a Runner’s World Editor’s Choice Award Winner in their 2012 issue.  Once on, they felt like I was wearing nothing but still felt all the right support in the spots I needed it!  I love that my ankles don’t roll inwards now and hope that this will relieve a lot of the pain in my feet, ankles, shins and back…fingers crossed 🙂

But back to Adrian…I was seriously impressed with his knowledge and loved learning a few new things.  Plus, he was super easy to talk to and never made me feel uncomfortable!  Plus…he loved me Injinji socks 😉  Compliments always help…LOL!

I haven’t gotten to run in them yet, besides what I ran out front of their store.  My daughter and I did take our dog Franklin for a short walk last night and I must say that I felt no pain in my knee the whole time!  That is HUGE!!!  Can’t wait to break these bad boys in with a good run!!  Hopefully this weekend….Hopefully!!

So I want to end this by saying that I’m now a huge fan of Fleet Feet and their team and will for sure be frequenting there more often for my running needs!  I want to say a huge “Thank you!!” again to Adrian at Fleet Feet-St. Charles for all his help!!  YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!


Goodbye winter…see ya!

Let’s just say that I am more than overjoyed that Spring has kicked winter to the curb….just sayin’! I can deal with the rain as long as I get those warmer temps. I am one of those people that is cold ALL the time so I love me some warm days 🙂

It just makes everything so much easier….running is easier….getting the kiddos out of the house is easier….heck….even getting dressed is easier!

So in honor of this amazing day we got today, my family and I spent as much time as possible outside….well except for that small nap we made the kiddos take….believe me…it was for the own good! They woke up at the crack of dawn….


First off though, we had an amazing lunch at Qdoba! Love that place! I didn’t take pics but I had an amazing Grilled Chicken Taco Salad with three different salsas…and I snagged some of my hubbys chips and queso. It was yummy as usual!

From there came the quick nap followed by a trip to the neighborhood park for running (me)…bike riding (the kiddos & hubby). I ended up only doing a mile because I really wanted to go enjoy watching the kiddos ride their bikes. It was a great short run though so that’s what counts! I also snuck some post run reading in with my new Runners World magazine I picked up today. I don’It know about you but I love getting a new magazine….any magazine :). I also brought last months edition of Women’s Running. They are my two favorite running magazines right now.


What are your favorite fitness magazines? Do you buy a bunch or just a select few?