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Outrunning that storm…and some great food!

It’s spring FINALLY and with that comes the usual crazy weather for Missouri!  Wednesday was a prime example….it rained most of the day with tornado warnings for the evening…and then it cleared up.  This had me pumped because I wanted to get my run in as soon as I got home from work.  At 5:05, I bolted out of work, rushed home (the three miles I have to drive to work) and threw on my running clothes.

I don’t know what it was about this run but I felt great!!  Maybe it was the fact that I was trying to beat the ominous black cloud that was heading my way along with the tornado warnings that had been on the news most of the day.  I felt like I was flying though and I actually felt good while I was doing it.  I use the Nike Running App on my phone and was excited to see that I broke one of my goals on it by running my fastest 1K in 5:43 and also the fastest mile in 9:37.  I finished up with 1.87 miles at a 9’45” pace!!!  Not too shabby if I do say so!

Next, I did the usual evening mom stuff of helping with homework (ugh….4th grade math is killing us) and making dinner.  It was a quick easy dinner of homemade pizza rolls with raw baby carrots (with ranch to dip in) and a berry/spinach smoothie (shhh…don’t tell the kids about the spinach).  Here is how I made the pizza rolls….SUPER EASY!!

IMG_20130412_062258                 IMG_20130412_062215                       

Thursday was a slow dragging day at work….All I could think about was going home so I could do my run!  I think my running bug has taken up residence again which is a great thing!  Anyway, I got through the day, rushed home, threw my trust running clothes on and headed out.  My goal was to get in at least 2 miles but it was cold and the wind was not helping.  I decided to just stick to a slower pace and just DO IT!!  Which I did….check it out…


I actually loved this run….I kept a steady pace and made sure I actually RAN the hills (I’m sooo bad about hitting a hill and then letting my brain talk me into walking it…ugh).  I felt really good the whole run despite the cold and wind.  Once I got back to the house, I was of course starving so I threw this salad together and it turned out amazing….I used spinach, Lemon-Herb tilapia (sautéed in olive oil), a half can of minced oysters (also sautéed in olive oil), some amazing chickpeas that I made (Here is the recipe for those….GREAT Pinterest find!) and a whole tomato cut up.  I spiced the whole salad up by sprinkling some lemon pepper seasoning on it!!

DE-LISH!!!!  I mean….look at it…Doesn’t it just look delightful? (Yes….I took a bite before I took the pic…I couldn’t wait…LOL…I told you I was starving!!)

There are just soooo many ways to dress up a salad.  What’s your favorite thing to put on a salad??


Goodbye winter…see ya!

Let’s just say that I am more than overjoyed that Spring has kicked winter to the curb….just sayin’! I can deal with the rain as long as I get those warmer temps. I am one of those people that is cold ALL the time so I love me some warm days 🙂

It just makes everything so much easier….running is easier….getting the kiddos out of the house is easier….heck….even getting dressed is easier!

So in honor of this amazing day we got today, my family and I spent as much time as possible outside….well except for that small nap we made the kiddos take….believe me…it was for the own good! They woke up at the crack of dawn….


First off though, we had an amazing lunch at Qdoba! Love that place! I didn’t take pics but I had an amazing Grilled Chicken Taco Salad with three different salsas…and I snagged some of my hubbys chips and queso. It was yummy as usual!

From there came the quick nap followed by a trip to the neighborhood park for running (me)…bike riding (the kiddos & hubby). I ended up only doing a mile because I really wanted to go enjoy watching the kiddos ride their bikes. It was a great short run though so that’s what counts! I also snuck some post run reading in with my new Runners World magazine I picked up today. I don’It know about you but I love getting a new magazine….any magazine :). I also brought last months edition of Women’s Running. They are my two favorite running magazines right now.


What are your favorite fitness magazines? Do you buy a bunch or just a select few?