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Almond Butter Bandwagon & Blisters! Ouch!

Yesterday was an amazing beautiful day and after working slaving away at my job….I was able to come home, take off for a run and enjoy it in all its sun shining amazingness….yeah….I just made that word up 😉  Check me out about halfway done.


Was able to get in a 3.15 run….and it all was going off without a hitch when it happened….Ouch!  I was blessed with the beginnings of a blister….ugh!  I know this time it was my socks!  While the neon orange tiger striped socks are super cute….they just are not cutting it for my runs….they are not tight enough…they slide around too much….hence the blisters.  Next up on my “need” list is socks I guess! 

What are your favorite ones?

What do you do to keep the blisters at bay?

Today….was an important day….it is the day I jumped in the bandwagon….the almond butter bandwagon….WOW!  I picked up a jar of Full Circle Organic Creamy Almond Butter yesterday evening and then this morning, I chose to take my fresh fruit (strawberries….grapes….pineapple) and dip them in the almond butter…WOW Double WOW! 


Needless to say….I’m hooked and will definetely be buying more as soon a this jar is gone in a day week or so!  I will say its kinda pricey though so will for sure be trying to make my own also. 

What’s your favorite way to eat almond butter?

Do you make your own or buy it?