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Memorial Weekend: Injinji, Sweat Pink, Fossils & More

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to all our servicemen, past and present. Your dedication and sacrifice are greatly appreciated.


** NOTE:  I totally had this whole post typed up and then something horrible happened….my computer went on the fritz and I lost everything…even the draft that I had saved…grrrrr…Instead of retyping it right then and there…I pouted a little and then decided to just retype it out today! One day late is better than not at all…right?! 

Our weekend started off with some last-minute BBQ plans at one of our friends’ garage. My daughter was with her dad this weekend so the hubby and I just hung out at the garage and let our son run crazy for the evening. He absolutely loves it there as he can play in the dirt with his monster trucks, chase Max (the dog) around, play on the crawlin’ rigs like he is driving them. We even caught him working on one of the Jeeps out there…What a great helper!

20130524_213500Saturday was spent lounging in bed late and then lunch with my two favorite men (hubby & son) From there, we headed home so that I could sneak a run in. Decided to take a different route this time and am now pretty sure that it is my favorite route. On this run, I decided to try out the Injinji socks that I received in my RunnerBox. I will just say, that I truly didn’t know about these socks because they are “toe socks”….and I’m in no way a fan of the “toe sock”. They drive me nuts usually. I tried them any way though, because they are supposed to help with blisters (which I get all the time).


I want to go on record now by saying that I’m a true fan of the Injinji socks!! They felt amazing!! Once I had my shoes on, they felt no different from any other socks. They are super comfy and super thin….like wearing nothing at all! Will for sure be purchasing more of these bad boys! I also had on my new and AWESOME Sweat Pink laces!! They are super cute and of course love that they match my shoes! And I must say, that the combination of those socks and those laces must have made me feet magic because I ended up getting a PR on a 5K during this run! Jackpot!!!

IMG_20130525_073848    2013-05-25_18-19-23

Sunday, found us at August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area where some of my hubbys’ friends were having an RC Car Competition near Lake 35. There are lots of rocks and beautiful scenery so my son and I set off to do a little exploring.

IMG_20130527_025729 IMG_20130527_025707

We ended up finding some amazing fossils (Man….I want to be an archeologist so bad when I grow up). These fossils were awesome to see…I just wish I knew what it was. I know some of them are probably from fish but I’m not sure that they even exist anymore….the area we found them was originally covered by tons of rock that was blasted out when the lakes were made. Check them out!


Kaleb conned his dad into letting him play with the RC Car for a little bit and had the best time! He had the hardest time though staying out of the water and eventually took a slide down an area causing him to be soaked…didn’t even faze him…he just kept on going! Thankfully, it was super warm and he dried pretty quickly…he was only left with a huge mud mark on his britches.

IMG_20130527_025439The rest of the beautiful day we had, was spent playing at the park. We did some climbing on the “spider web”, some climbing on the rock wall, a little see-saw action and of course some walking with our dog Franklin. Ended up staying there until dark…we were all exhausted for sure!

On Monday, we spent the day trying to keep dry mostly. My husband has a Suzuki Samauri and he insists on taking the doors off every chance he gets. I told him it was supposed to rain, he said 20% chance. We decided to head to one of my Top 10 places to eat….Qdoba…where I ordered their amazing Chicken Mango Salad. We sit down to eat and then the downpour started….I just looked at my husband and said, “Well, we can take our time eating!” Thankfully the rain didn’t last long and MY seat didn’t get too wet…I can’t say the same for the hubby’s 😉 After lunch, we headed to a car show! We go to these any chance we can and this one turned out to be pretty cool! Saw some pretty neat cars and they also had tons of antiques to look at, which I love! Here is a little of what he found…


And you can’t forget the amazing snow cone I got (Tiger’s Blood and Pina Colada)!!! Yummy!!!


After that, we just headed home and hung around the house for the rest of the evening because of the off and on raining all day. It did finally stop raining that evening in enough time to let me get my run in! I decided to participate in the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak which is where From Memorial Day to Independence Day, you run at least one mile, every day.

So that’s that for the weekend! It was fun-filled for sure….not set in stone plans….just doing what we wanted to do whenever we wanted! Just the way I like my weekends!

Questions of the day…..

Are you participating in the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak?

Snow cones….Love or Hate?

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Crazy Weekend & Giveaway Sneak Peak

Sorry that I’ve been MIA for a few days but it’s been super crazy at work and by the time I’ve gotten home and done my run/workout, all I have wanted to do is hang with the family and go to bed.  So this might be a long blog post 🙂

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First off, let me tell you all about my crazy weekend!  I spent this past weekend doing my hubby’s favorite past time….Wheelin’!  Now some of you may be asking what the heck that is….well, it’s a bunch of crazy awesome friends that love to take their jeeps, trucks, etc out to the middle of nowhere and drive around on huge rocks 🙂  Sound fun?!  Actually, it is always a blast!!  This week we went to Washita Off-Road Park in Farmington, Missouri.  You can take the trails all the way up the mountain there and take in the breath-taking view from the top of Bald Knob (we didn’t make it to the top this time…more why in a bit…but here is an older pic from a different time we went so you can see what I’m talking about.  That is my hubby and his Suzuki Samauri with the view in the background)


It was, as usual, gorgeous!  We ended up with amazing weather (wheelin’ in the rain is not nearly as fun…that is what happened a few weeks ago).  We were almost to the top and things were going great until our friend’s rig broke.  A major break….like the wheel hanging on by a thread broke.  So even though we hadn’t gotten to the topo yet, we had to start the process of dragging him back down….and then the guy pulling him down the mountain lost his whole tire (picture below of our friend with said tire).  Flew right off…but you don’t need a pesky tire….Right?!…so he pulled him down the rest of the way on just his wheel….crazy!!!   Here are some pics to explain it all a little better 🙂


And this is me and the hubby….


Needless to say…we did make it back to the campground alive!  Some of the rigs, however, had seen better days!


Once there, we started packing up to head home.  Hubby and I were pretty happy that we had nothing break on ours….we were smooth sailing until…..


After much ado, (realizing we had no jack nor the tool to take the lug nuts off…our friends came to the rescue of course) and we made it home…a few hours later than we planned but home nonetheless!  All in all, it was a great trip with amazing and awesome friends.  Enjoyed the sun, enjoyed the company, and even did a little hiking and climbing on all the big rocks.  Me doing calf-raises anytime we got out to watch turned into a big joke with one of our friends…but hey!!  You gotta sneak in the workouts when you can 😉

So that was my crazy but fun-filled weekend!

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